How To Prepare And Care For Your Simplicity Tarot Deck


Everyone has different methods that they use to prepare for Tarot readings. Below are some common methods and suggestions that I highly recommend when using your Simplicity Tarot deck.


Before conducting a Tarot reading, create a space for the reading to take place. This can be a space that is dedicated just for divination, an altar, or a very simple space that is laid out by a cloth of some kind to place your tarot cards. There’s no limitation on the size, or how simple or elaborate this space can be. Do what will work best for you. What is important is that the space should be a clean and treated as a place of importance to channel divine information.

I also recommend you spiritually cleanse your sacred space of negative vibrations before conducting a Tarot reading.

To do this, you can burn any type of cleansing incense such as sage or palo santo. Spraying spiritual colognes around your sacred space such as Florida water or Colonia 1800 has been said to chase negative vibrations away quickly. Lighting white candles is also a common method to keep your sacred space protected, for the color white is known to deflect negative vibrations, while attracting positive vibrations that can uplift ones energy. You may also say a small prayer to whatever angels, protection spirits or spiritual guides you work with.

Placing crystals around your sacred reading space such as Black Tourmaline is a also a great way to protect and cleanse your sacred
space. Black Tourmaline is known to transform negative vibrations into positive ones. Clear quartz is another crystal that is great to place in your tarot reading space, because it can amplify one’s intuition. Amethyst is also known to enhance psychic ability and creates a soothing atmosphere. Choose whichever crystal feels right to you, and trust that whichever one you have selected is perfect for your reading space.


Being grounded, calm and in a clear state of mind aids in channeling and interpreting a Tarot reading. As a way of creating a grounding, calm atmosphere, some choose to dim the lights, light candles and burn soothing incense such as lavender or frankincense. For some, meditation is essential before conducting a Tarot reading to be in a meditative mindset.


Here is a quick and simple visualization to help get you in the right mindset to conduct a reading. To do this, ground yourself and envision a small bright white light that no darkness can touch at the center of your chest. Feel this light pulsing. See and feel it growing bigger and bigger, until it’s larger than the room you are in. See it beaming throughout the windows releasing all darkness away. Stay in this moment for some time, then open your eyes feeling energized, with your body filled with spiritual energy and perhaps even tingling.