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Simplicity Tarot

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The Simplicity Tarot is a working Tarot deck of seventy-eight cards, plus two extra cards. (Spiritual cleansing card + Spiritual guide card.) To make each card easy to interpret, the more advanced, confusing symbology was removed, and the essential symbology was kept.

Keywords have also been placed at the bottom
of each card to aid in the ease of Tarot reading. Both Simplicity Tarot decks are edged in beautiful golden gilt matte edges.

Each tarot deck includes a guidebook tucked into its two-piece tarot box. Which is a step-by-step manual on how to read tarot along with all the tarot card interpretations and also tarot spreads.

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The Minor Arcana Tarot cards, also known as the Pip cards, are the remaining Tarot cards after the Major Arcana. The Minor Arcana consists of fifty-six Tarot cards which are divided into four suits. The four suits are Coins, Wands, Cups, and Swords.

Each of these suits consists of sixteen Tarot cards. These Tarot cards are ranked from Ace to Ten, then after that are the remaining four cards, which are called Court cards. The Court cards are ordered from the Page to the Knight, Queen, and then King. The Court cards represent individuals, and each has a different personality.

True to their name, the Minor Arcana, represents the minor things in life that we experience. Think of the Major Arcana cards as a human skeleton and the Minor Arcana cards as the cartilage and muscle that keeps the skeleton together.

All Indie Editions are out of print indefinitely

Red Rose Simplicity Tarot Edition OUT OF PRINT

Minimalism Art 1st Edition OUT OF PRINT

The Diverse Edition OUT OF PRINT