How to conduct a tarot reading with the Simplicity Tarot

Step: 1

Now that you have completed all the preparations for your reading and connected to your deck, it is time to conduct your reading. Close your eyes, and start off by taking a deep breath to ground yourself and quiet your mind from any racing thoughts.

Step: 2

Hold the cards in your hands and feel your
energy transmitting into the cards.

Step: 3

Choose a Tarot spread of your liking. This can be a simple tarot spread such as a quick one card tarot spread, a simple three tarot card spread such as the common past, present, future, one or any other Tarot spreads of your choosing. Tarot spreads are the methods a tarot card reader uses to interpret the tarot cards meaning, based on the position of the cards in the spread. Each position in the spread has its own specific meaning. There are numerous different types of tarot spreads which vary in topic and size. Simple ones can be found in the back of this book under the TAROT SPREADS section. I have also included some examples here to guide you.

Example: I decided to use the 3-card tarot spread named, “My Next Three Months.” It can also be found in the tarot spread section of this book.

Tarot Spread: “My Next 3 Months”

Step: 4

Ask a question to the cards, or state the topic you would like to know about. Next, shuffle the cards or have the person you are reading for shuffle the cards. Ask the Tarot cards a question out loud or to yourself.

For example: “What do I need to know about__________?” or, “What is the best course of action with ?” or, “What does the future hold for me in regard to______ ?” Concentrate on your question and what you want to know, while shuffling the cards.

Example: I asked the Tarot the question “What does the next three months hold for me in regard to my finances?”

Step: 5

When you personally feel drawn to stop shuffling, stop shuffling the cards. If you are reading for someone, instruct the person to do the same.

Step: 6

You can then cut the cards into small piles and put them back together into one pile, or not. This is a highly a personal choice and does not affect the accuracy of your reading.

Step: 7

Draw one or more cards, depending on the number of cards required for the Tarot spread you are using.

Example: I now draw three cards, because this is the number of cards required for this spread that I picked “My Next 3 Months”.

Cards drawn results:

Step: 8 – Interpret the Tarot cards

How to Interpret the Tarot cards

Simplicity Tarot was created to make tarot reading interpretation less complicated. Keywords were placed at the bottom of each card to help the reader identify and connect with the cards meaning easily. The easiest way to interpret your Tarot reading is by first interpreting each Tarot card individually in its spread position in relation to the question. After this, I like to interpret the cards as one whole message, putting it all together, as if I were reading a story to form a conclusion. See if you can tell a story with the cards by reading the cards straight across like a film strip to answer your question, or as if you were reading a child’s picture book. You can also tell a story by combining each card meaning with the other surrounding cards to tell your story, and linking your keywords for each tarot card to answer your question. For novice tarot readers, I recommend beginning with a small number of cards, about 2 to 5, in order to simplify things and to avoid confusion.

Another tip on interpreting the tarot cards is to interpret your information, based on how the tarot cards are interacting with each other. Look at the characters in the cards.

What are their backs turned away from? Are they facing toward each other or turned away from each other? The hands are also something to be aware of when interpreting tarot. What are the characters pointing to or away from? Movement is another thing to keep in mind while trying to interpret a tarot reading. What are the characters in the tarot cards moving toward or away from? Analyzing these specifics will help greatly in your tarot
reading interpretation and make it easy to understand the message which the tarot cards are trying to relate to you.

Be open to the guidance that the cards are giving you. Take your time to analyze the cards patterns and symbology. Let your intuition flow, look up the meanings throughout this guidebook and reflect on how that message is relating to your question. Take notes of your Tarot reading.

Example for Tarot Reading Interpretation:

Let’s take the three card reading below entitled, “3-Month Tarot Spread”.

My question is, “What does the next three months hold for me in regard to my finances?”

Month 1

For the first month, I drew the 10 of Cups. This is the card of contentment and family related things. Interpreting this card in regard to my finances, it feels as if the first month will bring me great pleasure and happiness. This card may even indicate that I may have some extra abundance and fulfillment of reaching a goal. I have been really thinking about purchasing a family car, if the loan goes through. This can indicate that this may be happening.

Month 2

For the Second month, I drew the card of Strength. This is the card of self-control and courage. This can indicate that in month two, I may need to hold on to money and have self-control from overspending on unnecessary things. I must admit, I do have the nasty habit of spontaneously buying things that I don’t need, and that I regret later. I have a major trip that I am saving for to Europe, and the Tarot may be giving me a pre-warning not to do impulsive spending. On the same token, this is not a tarot card that indicates an increase or a decrease. Most likely my income will remain the same, so I will take the advice not to do any extra spending.

Month 3

For the third month, I drew the card of The Empress. The Empress represents fertility and nurturing. This can is a very good card to see. This can mean that prior investments that I made, such as hard work or previous financial investments, will pay off. The Empress in the Tarot in relation to finances is all about growth, prosperity and fertile opportunities to increase my finances.

Interpreting the cards as a whole message

Example: Now that I have interpreted my tarot cards one by one, I will try to interpret the cards as a whole using the above tips, as mentioned, to form a conclusion on what the tarot is trying to tell me about my finances over the next three months.

My conclusion: Over the next three months, I see that I will have Contentment (10 of Cups + Empress) in my financial situation, especially if I can have self-control (Card of Strength) with spending habits. Chances are that my investments will grow (The Empress) by month three and be lucrative.