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A reaper rides on a white horse across a valley holding a black flag with a printed white flower to announce his arrival. Suddenly the reaper stops, as he comes to the ledge of a cliff. There lays a burial of a group of people, as if a plague or something like it, has hit them. He plants his flagpole on the ground to mark his territory. The sun is setting, indicating the day is about to end. The card of Death in the Tarot does not foretell a physical death, but rather an ending of an era. With every ending, though, the card of Death reminds us that a new beginning shall start. The card of Death represents that change is near and that a transformation, such as a metamorphosis, will occur. Remember when one door closes, a new one will open.

Upright Keywords: Change, Transformation, Endings, New Beginnings

Reversal Keywords: Fear of Change, Continuation, Denial, Delaying of a Needed End